routine cleanings

Routine Cleanings

With every aspect of our practice, our goal is to prevent dental problems before more invasive treatments are required.

Let Dr. Gile and his team help keep your smile vibrant and healthy.

Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal Maintenance

You might not know it, but your gums are a great indicator of your dental and general health. Bleeding, swollen, or tender gums are all signs of possible gum disease. In cases where gum disease advances into periodontal disease, there becomes a risk of significant loss of the bone in the jaw, ultimately leading to tooth loss. In many cases, periodontal disease has been directly linked to health concerns such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and low birth weight babies.

Dr. Gile Offers Periodontal Gum Therapy To Restore Diseased Gums Back To Optimum Health. This Process Is Called Scaling and Root Planing

tartar removal

Way To Remove Plaque And Tartar

A surgery-free way to remove plaque And tartar from the root surfaces of the teeth and deep inside the gum pockets.

Advanced soft-tissue laser technology is used to treat and kill bacteria while repairing the gum tissue.

Laser dentistry is the least invasive way to prevent and treat periodontal disease before it becomes so advanced that tooth loss is inevitable. Treatment is virtually painless, with minimal bleeding, and in fact, because the gum tissue begins to heal as it’s being treated, you’ll experience a quicker recovery time and a more pleasant experience than that of traditional treatment methods.

Healthy gums play a leading role in the health of your entire mouth and body. At Complete Dentistry, Dr. Gile takes a proactive approach to preventing gum disease, with full periodontal charting once a year and spot checks during any other appointment.

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