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Sometimes teeth need added protection from sports or nighttime grinding. Custom-fit sportsguards and nightguards by Dr. Gile fit teeth perfectly, offering more comfort and protection than any store-bought guards.

Those who grind their teeth at night can benefit from a customized nightguard. Using a nightguard will provide your teeth and jaws relief from grinding pressure, by putting both into proper alignment. Their custom fit makes wearing a nightguard safe and comfortable while worn during sleep. Nightguards also have added benefits of decreasing pressure on the jaw joint and protecting and extending the life of dental restorations.

Custom-fit mouthguards by Dr. Gile offer far more protection and comfort than standard varieties. Schedule your appointment today.

Sportsguards are designed to protect your teeth from injury during contact sports. Our custom guards are fabricated of high-quality materials, with a customized fit for maximum protection. By wearing a sportsguard, your teeth will be cushioned from any blow to the face or jaw, and you’ll reduce your risk for concussion.

Keeping your teeth in great shape requires good oral care and protection from potential damage. Contact Complete Dentistry to schedule your consultation regarding sportsguards or nightguards.